Whole House Carbon Monoxide and Gas Appliance Testing

Green Energy Options provides comprehensive testing of your gas appliances (furnaces, water heaters, ovens and gas fireplaces) to give you the peace of mind that they are operating safely and efficiently.

Why should I have my gas appliances tested?

Most gas appliances in the home have never been tested once they left the factory. The transport and installation process and simple aging of the equipment can all lead to conditions where the appliance operates much less efficiently than intended, wasting energy and costing you money. More importantly, gas appliances produce toxic combustion gases that can endanger your family’s health. No appliance, once installed in the field, can be guaranteed to operate safely without proper testing and setup. You should test your gas appliances annually for efficiency and safety as part of your regular home maintenance.

What is carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO), an odorless, colorless gas is a byproduct of incomplete combustion. It is a poisonous gas that is lighter than air. If allowed to build up in the home, the results can be tragic. Carbon monoxide poisoning is the #1 cause of poisoning in the U.S. but most cases go unreported. On average, 170 people die per year from carbon monoxide poisoning that is not related to automobiles. The only way to know if your furnace, water heater or stove is producing unsafe levels of CO is by testing.

We are nationally-certified to test carbon monoxide

Green Energy Options is nationally certified in combustion efficiency testing and carbon monoxide testing. We can determine whether the levels of exhaust gases are safe, and whether they are being properly vented up the chimney. We can determine the cause of many problems and recommend the correct repair to return the appliance to safe and efficient operation.

Upgrade your carbon monoxide monitor

We provide one of the few consumer CO monitors sensitive enough to detect low levels of CO. Underwriters’ Laboratory certified CO monitors (found in stores) are only required to sound an alarm after being exposed to CO at 70 parts per million for 3½ hours. Health effects from CO exposure start at 15-35 parts per million. Children and the elderly are especially susceptible. We carry the NSI 3000 monitor, which, detects low-level CO at 5 ppm and sounds alarms at 15, 35, and 70 parts per million. It is not available in retail stores. If you have a fireplace or gas appliances you should have a carbon monoxide monitor. Contact us about installing one of the few available CO monitors that gives you low level warning.

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