Commercial Energy Analysis and Upgrades

Commercial Energy Analysis in Gainesville

Green Energy Options offers a full range of energy analysis and energy upgrade services to small and medium sized businesses and multi-family residences. In a challenging business environment controlling expenses is more crucial than ever. For many businesses, utility expenses are excessive and can be reduced through cost-effective energy efficiency upgrades. Our focus is to find the energy efficiency upgrades that are the most cost-effective and take you from the analysis stage to the installation of upgrades and guidance on rebates. Whether your goal is to simply address the most achievable and least expensive upgrades or to do a complete energy efficiency “overhaul” we will help you achieve your goals.

We offer two ways to analyze the energy upgrade needs for your building. You may choose either the Basic Energy Audit, which includes a utility bill analysis and identifies the major opportunities for savings, but without actual testing of the building. Or you may choose a Comprehensive Energy Analysis, which will provide test-based information about your building and systems and a more in-depth report to serve as a prioritized plan of action when more significant upgrades and savings are anticipated. For recommendations such as lighting and HVAC system upgrades, energy savings and payback estimates will be provided to assist in prioritizing and applying for rebates. Please see the prices tab for specific pricing information.

In either case we will take the headache out of working with multiple contractors and finding ones you can trust. Working with our network of trusted subcontractors, we will specify the work to be done, check, and if necessary, post-test the work to make sure the desired results were achieved. We will help you identify the upgrades that may qualify for utility rebates and guide you through the application process to receive those rebates.

Additionally, many of the services we offer at the residential level are also available at the commercial level. This includes:

  • Building air leakage testing
  • Duct leakage testing
  • Carbon monoxide and combustion safety testing
  • Energy efficiency consulting
  • Troubleshooting difficult comfort or efficiency issues
  • Testing A/C system efficiency and air duct balancing.

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Commercial Energy Analysis | Gainesville, Florida

Green Energy Options is located in Gainesville, Florida and provides Commercial Energy Analyses to Gainesville, Alachua, High Springs, Micanopy, Ocala, & all surrounding communities.