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Green Energy Options, a Gainesville-based company, provides Building Performance services to the North Central Florida Area. We use building science principles and the “House as a System” approach, to provide comprehensive home and commercial building analysis for energy efficiency, combustion safety, and home comfort. We will provide you a detailed, prioritized plan of action and coordinate the upgrades you choose to implement.

Prices (subject to change without notice)
HERS Rating for Homes Includes utility bill analysis, computerized air leakage (blower door) test, thorough inspection of your home, attic and appliances, post audit review plus duct leakage testing plus the generation of the HERS rating using Energy Gauge home energy modeling software and registration of the rating in the national database. $500.00
Comprehensive Home or Commercial Energy Analysis

Includes utility bill analysis, computerized air leakage (blower door) test, preliminary duct assessment, thorough inspection of your building, attic and appliances, post audit review and customized, prioritized report for buildings up to 2000 sq. ft.


Additional charge for each 100 sq. ft. over 2000 $10.00
Basic Energy Audit for Homes and Commercial Buildings

Includes utility bill analysis, inspection of your home and appliances, attic insulation check, and post audit review of findings and recommendations.


Additional charge for each 100 sq. ft. over 2000 $10.00
Multifamily Residential Audit Includes all the components of the comprehensive energy analysis plus a multiple-fan blower door test for air leakage in large, multi-story buildings. Price is dependent on the size of the building. Call For Pricing
Carbon Monoxide and Gas Appliance Testing

Test the gas appliance (e.g. furnace, stove or water heater) for safe operation including gas leaks, proper supply air, exhaust venting, carbon monoxide production, and combustion efficiency. Cost per gas appliance


Whole house carbon monoxide safety check $180.00
Duct Leakage Testing

Includes duct inspection, a report on condition of system, the % of duct leakage and recommendations for sealing and correcting problems. Price if included as part of a Comprehensive Home Analysis


Price if performed as a separate trip


Additional for ceilings over 9 ft. in height


Additional for each 100 additional sq. ft. over 2000 sq. ft. $10.00
Thermal Imaging Diagnostics A whole-house inspection with the thermal imaging camera to detect sources of hidden moisture and/or missing insulation $150.00
Manual J Calculation A whole-house modeling of design heating and cooling loads, necessary for proper sizing of new or replacement HVAC equipment $150.00
Energy Efficiency Consulting Includes design consulting HVAC efficiency testing and specific troubleshooting not covered by the standard services above $90.00/hr.
2 hr. min.
Energy Efficiency Upgrade Contracting Services include: air sealing, duct sealing, duct repair, insulation, window and door repair/replacement/weatherstripping, lighting upgrades and water heater upgrades. $50.00/hr.
plus materials or by contract
Mileage Expenses

Vehicle fuel and expenses charged above 40 mi. round trip


Presentatons Energy efficiency and upgrades educational presentations $200.00


Home Energy Analysis | Gainesville, Florida

Green Energy Options is located in Gainesville, Florida and provides Home Energy Analyses to Gainesville, Alachua, High Springs, Micanopy, Ocala, & all surrounding communities.