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Green Energy Options provides Insulation Services for Gainesville, Alachua, High Springs, Micanopy, Ocala, Jacksonville, and Tampa, Florida.

Air Sealing & Insulation

Insulation Services, Gainesville, FL

Insulation Services, Gainesville, FL
After air sealing has been done, the next priority is often attic insulation. In Florida, most homes built before 1990 have inadequate levels of insulation. Insulation is rated in terms of its R-value, which is the resistance to heat flow. In our area a level of R-38 is recommended for attics and R-13 for floors above crawl spaces as a minimum. A home energy analysis by GEO assesses both the amount and condition of insulation in your house. Since poorly installed, damaged or wet insulation loses much of its value, our report will make recommendations for correcting any deficiencies and adding insulation when that is a cost effective measure.

Control Moisture in Attics

Along with attic insulation, correct attic ventilation is essential to control moisture in attics and reduce attic temperatures. Unvented attics can reach over 140 degrees in the summer in Florida, while a properly vented attic can stay 30 or more degrees cooler. This helps your roof last longer and helps keep your home cooler. In the winter, inadequate attic ventilation can lead to moisture condensation and mildew problems. We inspect attic ventilation and recommend the appropriate amount and type of ventilation if there is a problem.

Reduce Energy Costs

Another way of reducing energy costs is making your roofing system itself more energy efficient. If you are at the point where you need to re-roof, you have the option of choosing light-colored roofing which will reflect more heat energy back, keeping your attic cooler. Some of these roofing products qualify for the Energy Star label. If your roof is in good condition, special roof coatings can be applied to achieve the same end. Often called “cool roof” coatings, these products can reduce the cooling loads an average of 19% according to a study from the Florida Solar Energy Center. For one particular roof style, common in Gainesville, with a flat or nearly flat roof, no attic, and no insulation, the same study found a reduction of 43% in cooling load after the application of a cool roof coating.

In all cases, after determining your needs and most cost-effective measures for improving your insulation performance, Green Energy Options or one of our contractors can install that measure. After any major reinsulation we inspect the job for quality assurance.

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Home Energy Analysis | Gainesville, Florida

Green Energy Options is located in Gainesville, Florida and provides Home Energy Analyses to Gainesville, Alachua, High Springs, Micanopy, Ocala, & all surrounding communities.