Moisture & Mold

Green Energy Options provides diagnostic services to locate sources of water leakage or excess moisture in residential and commercial buildings.

Moisture Problems
Uncontrolled moisture inside of our homes can lead to a variety of problems including comfort issues, rot and mold and health issues. Moisture problems in Florida homes are commonly caused by leaks around penetrations such as windows, chimneys and roof flashing.

Leaks can be difficult to trace to their source. A GEO comprehensive energy audit will report on any moisture problems observed and will recommend solutions. If you have hidden moisture problems you may need more extensive diagnostics to determine the source. Our infrared thermal imaging can detect hidden moisture in your walls or ceilings and locate the source of the problem.

Our infared imaging reveals hidden water leaks

Both liquid water from leaks and water vapor condensing on surfaces can lead to mold problems. For some people mold and spore particles can lead to allergic and respiratory reactions or more rarely, mold produces toxins that can cause severe health problems.

Mold spores are everywhere, and virtually any surface can provide nutrients for mold. The key factors that determine mold growth in homes are moisture and temperature.  Unfortunately, poor construction techniques, leaks and badly-performing HVAC systems can all contribute to excess moisture and make your home conducive to mold growth.

Cold spots in corners can be conducive to mold growth in the winter, while in summer outside humidity coming into the house with air leaks can lead to mold wherever cold air conditioning causes condensation.  An air-conditioning system that is oversized will cool but not dehumidify properly and the excessive humidity will promote mold growth.

Eliminate the Cause to Cure the Problem
If you smell or see mold you need to eliminate the cause and then clean or remove the affected materials. If you suspect mold tell your GEO technician, who will pay special attention to tracking down the cause. Our infrared imaging can locate hidden moisture problems in ceilings, walls and roofs.  We can also diagnose other causes such as high humidity or cold surfaces and help you eliminate them. 

Eliminate the cause to cure the problem

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