"July 14, 2014

Kevin was recommended to me by several people that I knew. I was having many problems with my A/C metal ductwork system, the most worrisome to me being leaking moisture onto my drywall ceiling and causing discoloration and bulging at the drywall joints, not to mention I knew that there was at least one leaky place in my ductwork that was air-conditioning the attic. I hired him to do a survey of my 1964 era metal a/c ductwork and the conditions in my attic in general. He provided me with detailed photographs of my ductwork which showed multiple areas where the insulation around the metal ducts had pretty much disappeared, allowing moisture from humid air to condense on the cold metal ducts and then drench my ceiling drywall with water. And there was more than one place where the ductwork had come apart and was leaking air into the attic. He also identified several other areas of energy loss and things that needed to be repaired.

Then I contacted several A/C contractors who did ductwork repair or replacement and had them come look at the job. One recommended complete replacement of my entire ductwork with modern ductwork, but he didn't bother to get in the attic to view the situation for himself. The other one got into the attic and came back with two possibilities - replace the entire thing for pretty much the same very high price the first one quoted, or repair the ductwork and re-wrap it with insulation as needed. He said my metal ductwork was an asset, not a liability, and the lifespan of new ductwork would be very limited compared to my metal ductwork. He gave me a price to have the worst of the uninsulated areas repaired plus the most visible duct leak by two of his guys for one day.

I recalled that Kevin told me he had completely reinsulated and repaired his own 1964 era metal ductwork in his own house himself. So I called and asked him if he would be willing to do the same to my ductwork. He said he would and gave me a time estimate and cost that was double the other contractor. But I felt far more confident in his thoroughness than I felt in the contractor's offer of two guys for a day! So even though Kevin said it would take him much longer and cost about twice as much as the other contractor, I decided I trusted him far more to do the job and it was worth paying for that. Plus he was going to repair other attic items that needed repair. Kevin did the work and provided photos of the repaired areas every day he was there. Which I know for a fact I wouldn't have gotten from the other guy. He was thoroughly professional in his work and as unobtrusive as possible. He was there for about 5 days doing the work himself, mornings only of course due to the heat in the attic, and it was worth every penny to have the work done well and to have peace of mind about it. I am no longer cooling my attic, and moisture won't be destroying my ceiling any longer. Thank you Kevin for a job well done.."


Cathy Clark, Gainesville
"May 22, 2014

In an effort to improve our home's energy efficiency and air quality, we hired Green Energy Options to perform a comprehensive home energy audit. The audit was very thorough and the amount of information we received in the final report was impressive. Kevin was able to answer all my questions and cleared up many misconceptions I had about what upgrades were most cost effective. The report he provided helped me re-prioritize my upgrades and saved me thousands of dollars over the plan I had developed on my own. For anyone who is unsure where to start, I highly recommend Green Energy Options."


Lucien W., Gainesville
"January 28, 2014

I want to thank Kevin Veach of Green Energy Options for his professional expertise in solving my medical problem that was becoming unmanageble. I'd been having headaches, dizziness, confusion and fatigue for four months. I suspected the cause was linked to my gas stove. I had it checked by our propane company and was told there was no leak. I knew something was wrong so we opted for a second opinion from Green Energy Options. Mr. Veach used up dated equipment and did a though investigation. He found a gas leak immediately. We removed the faulty appliance and my health is greatly improved. If I ever suspected a problem in my home from any other air quality issues I would call Mr. Veach and I highly recommend him."


"September 15, 2013

I found Green Energy Options in my search for insulation options for my attic. One thing Green Energy Options suggested, was before installing insulation, I needed to make sure we did not have any areas in the attic where we would have air leakage. That needed to be done before having insulation done, as you don't want to have to do a lot of work in your attic that would disturb the new insulation. My husband and I have done everything we can to improve energy efficiency and comfort in our home. Because we have replaced every appliance, Kevin checked to make sure we had not created any CO problems by having more powerful appliances. He did find that our new chimney style range exhaust could cause a CO problem if certain conditions existed and advised us to get a monitor and gave us information on how to avoid this problem. He gave us some advise on the remaining projects, including attic insulation and water heater upgrade that will improve energy efficiency and keep us safer. Kevin was knowledgeable, unbiased, and thorough. I would highly recommend his services. I had just seen an episode of This Old House where they demonstrated the value of having an energy audit done on your home."



Janet Kearney
"April 26,2013

I would like to thank you for the Comprehensive Home Energy Analysis you performed at my Lecanto, Fl home. Your survey and blower door test were conducted in a most professional manner. Your findings of major leaks around an exhaust duct and the return ducts have resulted in my implementing the repairs to stop this infiltration . These repairs have already resulted in significantly reducing the cooling system running times and I am sure reducing our energy bills. I will be continuing to implement the remaining findings as time permits. My experience as a HVAC Engineer has allowed me to witness other professionals performing similar audits and I can say that your efforts are very professional and a credit to our industry. Thanks again for a great product."



William DeLoache,. Professional Engineer, Retired President CenterPoint Engineering Inc.
"October 4, 2011

During these tough economic times, consumers need to be extra careful not to get duped by aggressive sales pitches based upon false claims of energy efficiency savings. Working with Kevin Veach, you can be confident he really cares about energy efficiency. Kevin looks out for your interest and is not just trying to make quick money at someone else’s expense. Kevin saved my family thousands of dollars by providing a sound and honest “second opinion” that help us avoid a costly and ineffective attic radiant barrier installation."



Chris and Suzanne Bird
"April 13, 2011

We were concerned about energy efficiency and ever increasing utility bills. However, making the right steps to improve the energy efficiency of our house was an intimidating process. We weren’t sure where to begin and what our priorities should be. We wanted to make sure we got the best return on investment, so we called on experts to guide us through the process. We were referred to Green Energy Options, run by Kevin Veach. Within a few days of our first phone call, Kevin and his colleague had completed a full energy audit of our home.

Working with Kevin was easy and fun. He approached his work with great attention to detail and a clear passion for what he was doing. Kevin was patient and answered all of our questions and took us through each step of the process he proposed. Once the audit was complete, Kevin provided us with initial results and highlighted the most important findings. We had some serious safety issues that were uncovered during the audit, and Kevin provided great advice on next steps. His full report was sent to us a few days later and included each item we should address and in what order. He also followed up with us to discuss any questions or concerns we had about the report. Kevin’s attention to detail and willingness to explore areas of concern further were also impressive. He is clearly passionate about this work and is always striving to improve the service he provides.

After the audit, we followed the recommended fixes, which in our case included getting a new HVAC because of a dangerous carbon monoxide problem resulting from an ancient furnace. We hired Kevin to do most of the air sealing in the house, and he was very efficient and diligent in getting everything right. Since completing the updates, we have seen a major difference in the comfort level in our home, and a significant drop in our utility bills. Our most recent bill showed an electric charge that was 46% less than last year and a gas bill that was 82% less than last year. Needless to say, the changes have been significant. Kevin has continued to advise us on ways we can improve our efficiency while also providing excellent follow up on additional safety concerns. He has been able to follow up and check on our upgrades and is clearly devoted to helping us achieve the goals we have for our home.

Working with Kevin has been a true pleasure – he is easy to talk to and does an excellent job of translating his expert knowledge into laymen’s terms. He takes his work very seriously and you can be sure that he will strive to help you achieve your individual goals. We highly recommend working with Kevin and will not buy another house without an energy audit first!"



Brian Silliman, Professor, UF Biology Department
Stephanie Wear, The Nature Conservancy


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